Who am I?

I’m Andrew Seidman. Here’s how I made it this far:

1987: Born. Mom is sad that I’m not a girl.

1988-2004: Some stuff happens.

2005: Go to Dartmouth.  It is equal parts fun and cold.

2007: Start playing online poker. Do so-so. Live abroad in Morocco to study Arabic.

2009: Get good at poker. Make oodles. Write a book. Produce videos. Graduate with an Arabic degree.

2011Feds shut down online poker. My main job and money vanish around 10AM, April 15th 2011. Uh oh.

2012: Move to San Francisco. Teaching poker to pay rent. Go to Peru and learn digital marketing.

2013: Get into the entrepreneurship vibe. Help launch a business. Goes well.

2014: Looking for things to build. New projects in the works.

I had an old blog that was mostly about poker and travel.  I got a little distracted and suddenly it was a ghost-town. So I’m starting fresh. After reading Fred Wilson’s blog I was impressed that he updates every day without fail. Thought I’d put myself up to the same challenge.

Hope you enjoy. Be kind, stay agreeable, and keep an open mind.

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